How Proclear Contact Lenses Are Made

This video shows you each step along the way of manufacturing the cheapest proclear contact lenses starting from the design lab to factory and ending at your insertion into your eye:

One appreciates the detail, meticulousness and quality control that goes into these lenses.

Many years ago the choices a person had in contacts were very limited before Proclear contact lenses made their way into the market.

With a standard contact lens you would often end up with a rigid, non-breathable, and sometimes irritating lens. Today that is not the case with the many scientific breakthroughs allowing for cutting edge product development.

The advancement made in vision correction has grown tremendously over the years. If you are having any eye symptoms, one of Proclear’s products could be what you need to restore your eyesight to it’s optimal levels.

Schedule an appointment for an eye exam with your eye care professional to find out what conditions you may have and which of the Proclear products are right for you!

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