Name Change For Cheapest Proclear Contact Lenses

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I’m just going to give you a quick overview of something I get asked about every now and then from folks; and that is the name change that’s occurred for this lens.

Since high contact lens quality is the main objective of CooperVision, any association with it’s name is just as paramount.

Some years ago, CooperVision has changed the name from the popular Biomedics EP brand to Proclear EP.

To alleviate any concerns over the change, rest assured the same high quality and all day comfort will remain the same.

Only the name and the box design has changed.

Here’s a short article explaining this move which you find helpful.

The reason for the change may cause some confusion and raise some questions but it is actually pretty straightforward.

The reason for the change is so optometrists can easily transition their patients into a Proclear multifocal if their problem progresses.

This seamless change will cause less confusion for the patient by keeping them within the same brand. So aside from the box design and name change, there is absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever – the product is the same as is the technology behind it and the quality control that brings it to market.

When this name change was enacted, the main goal was to provide the customer with the very best quality product available in a brand they have come to trust. Many times, as a patient uses a product line for years they are satisfied with and trust; a name change can cause them great concern.

That is why to simplify the process, the switch was made in product name from Biomedics to Proclear.

Since Proclear has many choices when it comes to their lenses: Proclear Compatibles, Proclear Multifocal, Proclear Multifocal XR, Proclear Toric, Proclear Toric XR and Proclear Multifocal Toric – the name change was only a natural step.