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Advanced Technology

For years, if you had astigmatism then the only contact lenses available were hard contacts. These lenses were uncomfortable, much more likely to pop out of your eye and much more visible.

Now, these lenses by CooperVision corrects all of these nuisances and most levels of astigmatism.

If you haven’t tried contacts since the two hour trial in your doctor’s office years ago it may be time to try again.

Even if you have tried soft contacts more recently, unless you have tried these specific lenses with PC technology then you should consider giving contacts another try.

There is no comparison between soft contacts made without Phosphorylcholine. This molecule is found naturally in the eye and when used in contacts it creates a comfortable long-wearing lens.

The Phosphorylcholine (PC Technology ) technology created by Proclear works with your eye to reduce discomfort.

These unique lenses are made from a porous biocompatible material that creates an almost weightless feel. Soft, flexible and breathable, these lenses are ideal for those with minor or even dramatic astigmatism. PC technology lets 98% of ambient oxygen reach the cornea preventing eyestrain and swelling.

The cornea needs to breathe to maintain optimal health and quality vision. Another function of PC technology is its ability to stay moist.

One of the most common complaints about wearing contacts is that eyes feel rubbed raw after a few hours. This condition is known as dry eyes and is very common among those with astigmatism and presbyopia.

Many people do not produce enough moisture to offset the dehydration caused by contacts.

Make sure that when you are getting fitted for contacts that you include a moisture production test. Fortunately this is not a problem with these lenses. The PC technology used in these lenses works exactly like natural eye cells and draws moisture around it. This cushions the lens and allows comfortable all day wear.

It’s now apparent just how much effort CooperVision has invested in engineering one of the most technologically advanced toric lenses today. This has steered former sufferers of dry eyes, astigmatism and former wearers who had given up on toric lenses back once again.

Now, with these new lenses anyone can wear contacts, even people with astigmatism. No more envy of those that do not have to wear glasses. No more wearing spherical contacts that do not effectively correct for astigmatism, now even the most extreme cases can be corrected to almost twenty/twenty with a lens solution.

Product Details:
Diameter: 14.4
BC: 8.4 or 8.8
Power range: -8.00 – +6.00
Cylinder: -75 – -225
Axis: 10o – 180o
Material: Omafilcon A. 38%
Water Content: 62%
Packaging: 6 lenses per box
Duration: monthly disposals (6 boxes per year)