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*A quick shopping tip when price comparing these lenses: Some of the stores reviewed have these lenses either as Proclear Compatibles or Proclear Sphere. They are the same product.

About These Lenses

  • Excellent all day comfort
  • Exceptional vision quality
  • Next generation technology

CooperVision has made these excellent monthly disposable lenses with a perfect balance between wear comfort as well as convenience and cost-savings of traditional replacement lenses. They are actually the only lenses the FDA allows the following exclusive claim:

“May provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear.”

Wearers have described these lenses as not only exceptionally comfortable but also very gentle and relaxing on the eye. They did not experience the same irritation with these contact lenses as compared to other lenses which had them rubbing their eyes consistently!

There was no dryness, urge to itch or gooeyness – just clear, crisp vision and they barely even noticed they were wearing them.

So whether you are wearing them around your friends or at an important meeting – the last thing you want is to be focusing on your irritated eyes!

New and existing wearers often ask: “How did they get so comfortable?”



The answer lies in the cutting edge manner they are made: formulated from a new-age soft material which provides higher moisture retention, the actual technology is called “phosphorylcholine” and was developed by Biocompatibles (Now CooperVision). What this basically does is impedes the buildup of impurities which in turn helps retain it’s moisture content. This means a full day of exceptionally comfortable wear in even the toughest conditions.

Due to their top class performance, loyalty to Proclear Compatibles is very high.

See here for more on phosphorycholine technology.

You should know these lenses also carry a very slight tint. They will not change your eye color – don’t worry! This is simply so you can easily find them in the lens solution.

Proclear compatibles also featured very prominently in our deals we run a few times a year. Due to their great value for money and high customer retention, special offers are likely to save you some handy money on these so make sure to register for further updates.