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Get the cheapest Proclear contacts by CooperVision right here.

Check out our price reviews on all Proclear lenses.

Just about every store out there claims a “lowest price guarantee” but when they are put to the test, we found each store varies in price depending on the lens.

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We are not affiliated with CooperVision however we have taken it upon ourselves to independently review each of the top online stores so you know the bottom line you’re paying on these lenses in both 6 and 12 month supplies. Each store has also been graded from our overall personal experience with them but please keep in mind this will vary from person to person.

We are the only site specifically dedicated to price comparing the Proclear line so we hope this is of help to you!


How Stores That Sold Proclear Contacts Were Rated

Rating the stores specifically for Proclear contact lenses was challenging mainly due to the fact we graded them across many variables.

Price was very important of course but we also rated the overall experience and factored in service, shipping and overall experience.

So after reviewing every store across many factors including even site navigation and ease of ordering, we graded them to make your experience a little easier.

Keep in mind that under some products, the cheapest priced stores were not always rated at the top because they often had “extra charges” that drove the final pricing up as well as the ordering process not being as good as another’s.

All of the companies we rated are legitimate, are authorized to carry these lenses and have overall excellent online reputations.

We found three stores namely:, and 1-800-GET-LENS have identical prices when it comes to the entire Proclear product line. were priced a little higher overall but they did have a few products where pricing and/or availability was better than the others.

Shopping Tips

It’s always a smart idea to check all of the stores before you buy.

Even though our pricing charts are very accurate and regularly updated, sometimes stores may run one-day or spur of the moment price promotions that may not immediately reflect here.

We found purchasing a 12-month supply gave the maximum bang for your buck than lower quantities. Not only do you need to re-order less frequently, but you also save extra money on shipping and get a better rate per box than if you were to buy a smaller supply.

There’s no current rebate with these contacts however, we do have great money saving coupons and discount codes you should take advantage of.

All you need to do is enter the code at checkout to save even more! The price will automatically adjust after you input the special codes.

About Proclear Contact Lenses

Proclear, a division of CooperVision, is one of the nation’s leading contact lens manufacturers. This brand offers six different styles of contacts to cover the entire array of vision correction needs. The Proclear line offers 1 Day, EP, Multifocal, Multifocal Toric, Sphere and Toric lenses.

All excluding the EP, use their patented PC technology to provide lasting comfort for over 12 hours a day.

Lenses are offered in the 1 Day disposable to keep eyes at their healthiest since lenses can build up bacteria and dirt which should be kept well clear of the eyes.

With a 1 Day disposable that problem is solved, since the lens is thrown away before the build-up can occur. EP lenses (originally referred to as Biomedics EP) are the substitute for bifocal lenses.

Now, with this cutting edge technology, contacts are an option even for bifocal wearers.

This lens is not designed to combat dry eye discomfort. Multifocal lenses are the solution for those suffering from Presbyopia combined with dry eyes that would otherwise have to wear bifocals.

Toric lenses are designed to correct for astigmatism.

For years if you were astigmatic the only options were hard contacts or glasses. Now the CooperVision line can correct for astigmatism and give you almost perfect vision.

Whatever your needs, there will be a suitable lens from the Proclear contact lenses family – just be sure to consult your eye doctor for a professional recommendation.

Another interesting fact about Proclear contacts is it is the only contact manufacturer that is authorized by the FDA to use the phrase “may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear,” on their packaging.

The Phosphorylcholine (PC Technology) technology used to manufacture these lenses makes them uniquely comfortable.

This porous material allows maximum oxygen penetration to the cornea allowing your eye to blink naturally and produce a normal amount of moisture.

It also draws moisture to the lens and creates an almost weightless sensation as the moisture cushions the lens.

Contact wearers everywhere have probably experienced the discomfort of dry eyes at least once. This sensation is akin to having sandpaper rubbed across your eye.

Even if you do not have dry eyes, the sensation of something resting against your cornea can be hideously uncomfortable.

These advanced lenses are a prime solution to all of these hindrances.

Name Change For Cheapest Proclear Contact Lenses

Welcome back to my site where you can get the cheapest Proclear contact lenses.

I really hope it’s been of benefit to you and helped you in your shopping quest.

I’m just going to give you a quick overview of something I get asked about every now and then from folks; and that is the name change that’s occurred for this lens.

Since high contact lens quality is the main objective of CooperVision, any association with it’s name is just as paramount.

Some years ago, CooperVision has changed the name from the popular Biomedics EP brand to Proclear EP.

To alleviate any concerns over the change, rest assured the same high quality and all day comfort will remain the same.

Only the name and the box design has changed.

Here’s a short article explaining this move which you find helpful.

The reason for the change may cause some confusion and raise some questions but it is actually pretty straightforward.

The reason for the change is so optometrists can easily transition their patients into a Proclear multifocal if their problem progresses.

This seamless change will cause less confusion for the patient by keeping them within the same brand. So aside from the box design and name change, there is absolutely nothing to worry about whatsoever – the product is the same as is the technology behind it and the quality control that brings it to market.

When this name change was enacted, the main goal was to provide the customer with the very best quality product available in a brand they have come to trust. Many times, as a patient uses a product line for years they are satisfied with and trust; a name change can cause them great concern.

That is why to simplify the process, the switch was made in product name from Biomedics to Proclear.

Since Proclear has many choices when it comes to their lenses: Proclear Compatibles, Proclear Multifocal, Proclear Multifocal XR, Proclear Toric, Proclear Toric XR and Proclear Multifocal Toric – the name change was only a natural step.


How Proclear Contact Lenses Are Made

This video shows you each step along the way of manufacturing the cheapest proclear contact lenses starting from the design lab to factory and ending at your insertion into your eye:

One appreciates the detail, meticulousness and quality control that goes into these lenses.

Many years ago the choices a person had in contacts were very limited before Proclear contact lenses made their way into the market.

With a standard contact lens you would often end up with a rigid, non-breathable, and sometimes irritating lens. Today that is not the case with the many scientific breakthroughs allowing for cutting edge product development.

The advancement made in vision correction has grown tremendously over the years. If you are having any eye symptoms, one of Proclear’s products could be what you need to restore your eyesight to it’s optimal levels.

Schedule an appointment for an eye exam with your eye care professional to find out what conditions you may have and which of the Proclear products are right for you!

Cheapest Proclear Contact Lenses – Final Thoughts

To complete my price reviews in order for folks to get the cheapest Proclear contact lenses, I just thought to share my final thoughts on these lenses and how I worked out final pricing.

Firstly, I went to each and every one of the websites reviewed for each and every lens.

I then shopped both 6 and 12 month supplies of each lens, put them in my cart, opened accounts if required in order to see the final pricing at checkout then went over it all again to ensure taxes, processing fees and shipping were included.

Once I had what I thought was the “final bottom line price” I then called every store asking them to verify the price for each product at that time.

That way, I had the most accurate pricing information for you.

Just briefly, I’d like to go over selecting your lens…

You may have had an eye condition your whole life requiring a corrective lens of some sort or you may have developed a condition later in life.  Either way, you should be aware of your options to get it corrected.

There are many different types of contact lenses out there that can target one specific vision problem. There are also some that can take on multiple tasks.

Finding the right lens is crucial so discuss with your optometrist which is right for you particularly if you start getting blurred vision, headaches and eyestrain (squinting).

DO NOT self diagnose yourself!

Simply make note of what you’re feeling and consult with your eye doctor where they will be in the best position to determine your precise condition and then prescribe the best lens for you accordingly.

Then if they recommend Proclear, you know exactly where to get the cheapest Proclear contact lenses online!

Best of luck and please contact me or leave a comment if you need any further help.